PUP - Shooting my first live concert

On Thursday December 15, 2016  I photographed PUP The Band at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. It was their 2nd of 3  sold out shows at the Danforth. Pup is a Canadian Punk Rock band formed in 2013. 

A few things that I learned: With the media pass I got shoot the first 3 songs in the "pit", right in front of the stage. After that I had free range to wonder around and take photos from anywhere else. It was incredibly difficult to get very creative, things happen fast, and the lighting is so varied that I was happy just to get the focus nailed and to get the lighting somewhat right. PUP moves around a lot on the stage which makes it really fun to shoot because they will give you plenty of energy and action but combine that with the consistently changing light and capturing the moments becomes rather difficult. While I was in the pit I didn't quite know what to expect. Once the band started playing things got wild and I found myself looking back a lot more then focusing on the shooting. Fans were jumping the barriers and the barriers them self were pretty close to coming down. Not a place I'd want to be if that were to happen.

All in all, shooting my first live concert was a blast and it definetly gave me a whole new appreciation for music photography. Big thanks for PUP for having me there and to my pal Amanda who is a rad music photographer.  

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