Daily Photo - Canadian Track Cycling Nationals 2016

This photo is from the 2016 Canadian track cycling championships that took place Sept 24-26, 2016. To get this photo the way it is was a two step process for me. 

First, I had to get it right in camera. I wanted to have the centre of the frame in focus and then fade into a blur in the corners. These cyclist were flying around the track at 50km/h + which made it extremely challenging. Picking the right spot was also important. The middle of the banked turn seemed like a good idea because the riders would be on a angle which would put the lighter coloured "safety zone" of the track behind them, which in turn would make them stand out more. I also knew that I wanted to turn this photo into a black&white image so having the light background behind the riders and the darker wood of the track and the top half of the frame would be key to make them stand out more. This I could not achieve on the straightaway. I slowed the shutter to about 1/15 sec just to give it a ever so slight pan in order to create the smoother lines. 

Second, was the post processing that occurred in lightroom and photoshop. Once the photo was imported into lightroom I turned the photo into black and white. From there I did a bit of dodging and burning, to selectively darken and brighten certain parts of the photo. After that I imported it into photoshop where I cleaned up the top half of the photo, getting rip of a few distractions. Following that I did a little more dodging to darken the upper middle and applied my sharpening technique. This was the result. 



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